Friday, 8 May 2009

Milky, Poor Milky

There's a fat ginger cat
that meows loudly outside
especially when it rains
there's nowhere for him to hide.
It gets so cold, we open the door
to usher him in
but he meows some more
so I feed him a sardine.
I've heard him being called Milky.
Poor cold Milky, i hope the owner feels guilty.
This was in Hobart, the first time we were there, staying up in Mount Stuart. Milky the fat ginger cat, I felt like taking him with us when we left. It gets super cold in Mount Stuart since we were higher up, and not matter how much thick fur Milky has, I'm sure no cat should be left out in the mid-Winter rain and wind without shelter overnight. And once I noticed Milky hanging around the rainpipe putting his nose into it, so just in case, I put a bowl of water outisde the door, and Milky ran up to it and drunk it like he was parched. To think that pet cat wasn't given the basic neccessity of water (and shelter). Poor Milky indeed.

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Timothy Merks said...

where's the milky and notty picture?

I'm waiting on todays update aswell :P