Sunday, 10 May 2009

Mother's Day 10.05.09

Mum's are great
they make cake
And of course they do
do greater things too
Like work and buy
houses into the sky
How much they give us
with such loving fuss
Happy warm fuzzies
to all of the mummies
Most of all to my own mum
the special and bestest one

My mum came over in time for Mother's day, and stayed a week here in Melbourne! I hope all the mum's I know, had a fantastic, lovely, fine blue sky day. I had an awesome weekend and week having my mum over here, showing her around and spending time with her. I haven't seen her in 8 months. She's also got a slight fear of travelling alone, so this was a first for her coming over alone. And she managed to get around on her own via tram/train and bus while I was working during the week, and saw more shopping places that I've managed to find already! The public transport aint particularly conveniant from where our apartment is as we're quite South of the all the hubbub and city, so that we could be closer to work. So as well as loving her being over, I'm so very proud of my mum.

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