Wednesday, 23 April 2008

Alices hang out

Oh no. I have cut my fringe too short. Lucky for me, I have a new cap! It is a very groovy denim Goorin cap, size L cos that was the only one there. So it starts off fine but as the day wears on, it quickly starts dropping lower and lower over my eyes as my hair gets more and more hat-flat-hair.
Check out the cartoon I was animating on most of last year in Hobart, brought to you by Blue Rocket, the great people who employed us for the past year in Hobart. "Pixel Pinkie". Okay, so it's a teaser, the website is coming soon, but gee how fantastically fun it looks. Oh the anticipation.

And the latest in Alice news, during her free time, she has taken to sitting at the foot of the piano, and in trying to ween her off pellets (that she loves but I think it's making spurrs of her teeth), I am feeding her up to a cup of greens daily now with only the occasional runny accident.

Her greens consist so far of parsley, celery leaves, 1/4 carrot, endive. More to come soon (I'm going to grow some).

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