Saturday, 10 May 2008

I'll take those!

I now own a pair of La Soffitta di Gilda shoes! After a routine browse at my favourite shoe store, which I will not name because the sales they have on the most finely made shoes there are just too good to share and sizes seem to sell out so fast as it is, I spied these peep toes while looking at flats that were on sale. The pistachio green in patent caught my eye, and it was the most beautiful and unique design, and so well made with a cream cracked leather on a rectangular heel and even a leather sole! I was not surprised to see it was a pair of La Soffitta di Gilda. And I was not surprised to see that even the reduced price was well above anything I had ever paid for a pair of shoes. But after trying on a few pairs of different flats, and not finding anything that fit right or looked amazing, I thought I'd just try on these La Soffitta di Gilda peep-toes for fun... And then I HAD to have it. They are just too well made, too beautiful, fit too perfectly, and I don't own a pair of 'work' heels, let alone some peep-toes. And when else was I going to get a more beautiful pair of La Soffitta di Gilda shoes for cheaper?

Each shoe has 'la Soffitta di Gilde' HAND WRITTEN onto the leather (as both shoes are slightly different and different again to the box label), by the designer herself (I assume) and even the sole is leather. I would much rather pay this much $150 ball park figure for shoes made with care and fine craftery, which isn't really that much in the end, seeing what some people pay for new shoes over $100 that are mass produced in factories.

When I said I'd take them, the shopgirl serving me was real surprised and happy as she had spied me trying them on and thought they looked so beautiful, and that she herself owned the same pair too. They are absolutely gorgeous!