Tuesday, 15 April 2008

The original Cat and Rabbit

This was a quick pitch clip that I whacked together for Cat and Rabbit, when Timand I first came up with them and we had to show some AFC folks. Colouring, backgrounds, and Bear by Timothy, Cat and Rabbit drawings and editing by me. I LOVE The Shadows music. I would be strongly inclined to try and get the rights to use Shadows music for Cat and Rabbit if we ever got them made into a cartoon series. The Shadows is THE theme music for me when I'm writing Cat and Rabbit episodes.


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Timothy Merks said...

I so want some free time to do more with Cat and Rabbit. Since this original pitch the charcters and stories have developed so much.

That being said, this trailer still makes me smile. I love the turn around drawings you did of cat and rabbit at the start.