Friday, 4 April 2008

Claymation craziness

I've been taking an animation class for FTI for the last four Thursdays, my instructions were to teach them maquette making. They are quite a talented bunch and more than competant, finishing their maquettes by the second Thursday, so I had to organise other things to teach them. After bringing Timothy along for two sessions as a guest tutor, and teaching them character construction and making model sheets, I thought it'd be cool to let the students have a bit of a free claymation session today. It was a lot of fun, and these are the two clips we made in 40mins. Everone had one character they made and animated at the same time, results were crazy.


Jo-Ann said...

That's totally awesome!!! Make sure you tell me about it tomorrow night!!

BlackCrow said...

Hi Rosey!!,
If you and Tim come back to Hobart for PP2 you should do a in house workshop on claymation...I'll be first in line!!
What did you use to shoot the film?

Rosey said...

claymation/stop-mo is the easiest thing! All you need is any digital video camera, the program "stop-motion pro" on a computer, and a fire-wire chord to connect the two. For this class I just used a handy cam on a tripod, connected via fire-wire chord to a laptop that had stop-motion pro.