Saturday, 27 January 2007

The talented Beatrix Potter

Last year, ever since seeing an interview on the news with Renee Zellweger talking about her role in the new film on the life of Beatrix Potter, I have been SO excited and eagerly waiting. I have been a big fan of the Peter Rabbit and friends Tales, ever since Yr 2, when our teacher made a Beatrix Potter week, where we learnt about all the characters and read every book. And I remember on the last day, we had a drawing competition where in groups, we had to draw a character each to make a hanging mobile, and the best mobile would win. The members of my group snuck their pieces of paper over to me and made me draw each of their characters as well as my own, and our mobile won.

I have the big book containing the completed tales.

So the movie Miss Potter is finally just out this week! I'm going to see it on Tuesday. I never knew much about the life of Beatrix Potter until now... and I found myself startingly surprised at how similar my own life is to hers. From the love of natural history illustration, to the pet rabbits and others, and the stories I make up in my head about them, to the dynamics in her home and personal life. I found myself feeling a tear come to my eye every time I watched the preview.

Here's some of the insect illustrations Beatrix Potter did, before the little books ever came out.

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