Thursday, 15 December 2011

A Wedding Oscar portrait

We went to a good friends' wedding a few weeks ago on Perth's river's edge at Heathcote Reserve. Although they're home is in Melbourne at the moment, they're from Perth and being a small animation/film world we happened to work and live in the same places from the freezing land of Tasmania at the Blue Rocket studio, to the stressful, crazy times at Melbourne's Ettamogah studio.

The day was gorgeous, which was perfect for one of the most giving, deserving (and cool) couples we know. It wasn't a large wedding, and records played on an old record player, while everyone helped themselves to glass bottles of drinks with stripey paper straws, and croquet and throw rings were set up on the grass for some mellow fun 'til the sun went down and dinner was served.

The bombaneries were the best I've seen, classic Penguin books! and they doubled as nameplates. The title that caught my eye at first instant, turned out to be mine. And so onto the subject of talking animals, whilst in Melbourne Tim and I remembered fondly meeting the bride and groom's cat "Oscar", who appeared to be a friendly and sweet layabout, but we were told he only acted that way when guests came over. More humourously was how at one point we all looked over to see Oscar lying on his back, limbs spreadeagled out like a starfish. His owners were slightly abashed and told him to mind his manners "Oscar!!! Do you mind?!". No he didn't mind at all, and he's quite a large layabout cat now. Since he couldn't come over to Perth to share with the bride and groom's marriage, this portrait helped to include him.

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