Thursday, 29 December 2011

Christmas Portraits

Here's two more paintings that I couldn't show until post Christmas, as they were commissioned as surprise Christmas gifts.

The Schnauzer is the 'cousin' of little Jemima that I did for a lovely couple a few months ago. They came back to get one done for the parents in law's grey peppered version of the Schnauzer, Max. He was more older and stately than Jemima, so we came up with a similar on the couch, but reading a book, setting.

I didn't get to meet Max, but I got to see Jemima again when the dad came to pick up the photo, and then My Max met Jemima and peed all around the place in my workroom!!! The most embaressing thing was that at first I thought it was Jemima, as I assumed that a dog in a new place was reason for it to mark some territory. Little did I know that our good mannered Max, who never barks or pees in the house, especially never in his own home, was the one doing the peeing! As we found out when we turned around after cleaning up the first lot, to catch Max in the process of peeing by the side of my waste paper basket!!

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