Friday, 4 November 2011

For the orphan Cats and Dogs

It's Wet Nose Day this Sunday at the Cat and Dog Haven WA.    

Perth's once a year raising money day Perth's humble Cat and Dog shelter for lost and abandoned kitties and mutts. And I'm participating to collect potential customers heheh AND of course raise/donate some money for them out of any business I get.

I spent a few 12 hour days in a row earlier this week, creating this beautiful new Olive portrait to use as the new logo for some promo cards and a banner and whatnot printed out for a table I'm setting up on the day. But WOE! the delivery date of the order changed to Monday! So I'll have to do without the pretty signage and calling cards on Sunday.

So I'm raffling off a free pet portrait sitting for someone and a pet of their choice!

You can be anywhere in Australia or the world, and you can still participate! I can still do a Pet Portrait via photos-email for you.

$3 ticket online via paypal Donate button to the right on this page (it's that easy!) til Monday 7th.


in person  buy a $2 raffle ticket Sunday @ the Cat Haven. 23 Lemnos St, Shenton Park WA.

Winner selected by random and announced on Roseyland 9th Nov, goodluck!

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