Friday, 4 November 2011

Day 4 - Mosquitoes and Me

It wasn't all sunshine and swimming in Rottnest.

In fact I didn't get to swim at all due to the shark-beach ban, and then it thunderstormed and rained heavily two of the nights, and was chilly and overcast on another day.

Now, I know I chose to stay in a bungalow. And I know that the bungalows at Rottnest have these slats as walls for the front and side decking/rooms. Although there are thick, canvas covers that fully zip-seal up from the bottom right up to the ceiling, to keep out the wind and rain, there are a few small holes and gaps around the door where insects can get in.

The first night, there was nothing, apart from some moths, which are my friends, so that was fine.

However, maybe due to the heavy rains the next two nights, mozzies came into the room. Even after we hunted for them for an hour before we slept, and seemed to get them all, the moment the lights were out, the evil, high, buzzing hum of another mosquito would start again. They would just hone in on me and circle round my ears and face. I put on this strong smelling citrus repellent, that unfortunately faded away too quickly and didn't protect me at all.

And you know what? It wasn't the fault that I chose to stay in a bungalow.

It's just me. I had mozzies following me EVERYWHERE. They bit  me when I was out in the sun, when I was with Tim at a cafe for breakfast (and he got no bites at all), and at dinner at a restaurant (and again Tim got no bites at all) and they bit me through my long sleeved cardigan, and through my cotton shorts even! They bit me through my clothes!! and why didn't they go bother Tim?!

The last night I got barely any sleep at all. And I had a total of 18 mozzie bites. Tim finally got one on his arm.


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