Friday, 12 August 2011

People sketching in Winter cafes

Aw, it bugs me when I don't update this blog. It seems after getting that nasty flu I fell off the horse in all respects. The animation work I was doing went back to -2 in terms of mental focus. I had to fight SO HARD to finish off the work whilst attending to other it's damn hard working at home!

Nothing else I can sum up in short this Friday afternoon, so here's a few people sketches I life drawed while I was out taking a breather from being cooped up working in my ice cold bedroom, over the last three weeks.

Moore & Moore cafe in Fremantle this morning with my good friend Sarah, shooting the breeze, eating breakfast (little iron pot eggs are so good!), downing great coffee, and drawing cool, cute people. Sarah showed the guy on the right (with the apple mac) my drawing of him and he looked up in surpise and grinned and went bright red and was speechless. He was taken aback with blushing :D

Checked out the new Burger Bistro in Leederville, us being gourmet burger addicts (well it's my favourite food). I still dig the array of messey light globes hanging form the ceiling. The American burger (one with Mustard) and the blue steel (blue cheese) burger are excellent but very strong, and they have the best chunky, salted hot chips.

Another favourite for breakfast, Little John Street cafe. The best at 11am on a weekday when it's not too busy. The vegetarian breakfast with their homemade beans are delicious! The jovial maitre'd is welcoming. The indoor-wooden floor board-alfresco-fireplace seating area is what I'd love my home to be.

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