Friday, 15 July 2011

Sick and queasy

Tintin has been made into a feature length movie and the new trailer for it just came out.

At first I thought Cool!

I grew up reading Tintin comics along with my older brother/brothers, and every time we went to the library we'd check out whichever worn and tattered copy there was, some of the more popular ones or the rarer stories were never there and we'd feel so lucky if we could borrow one.

Same thing at our school libraries, both in Primary school and High school. And I think one of the rarer stories that was always hard to find ont he shelf, was "The Secret of the Unicorn", (and before you get excited, it's the name of a boat, not a real Unicorn, but I still get sucked in by symantics of the title) which is the story they have chosen to make into an animated movie.

But if you haven't already checked out the trailer, you might NOT want to.
Maybe it's because I'm pretty sick with the flu right now but check out my reaction:


Why oh why would you want to watch it in 3D?
Sorry, but it's bad enough as it is in it's pastey, semi realistic mash with cartoon styled gravity defying animation. I felt a little nauseous watching the trailer through and by the time it got to the end and revealed "see it in 3D!!!", I almost retched.


Martin C said...

Yep. I had similar reactions, particularly to the bit with the captain flying on top of the plane, shooting the bazooka, and the general overblown '3d' action sequences. Secret of the unicorn was such a nice book, no bazookas or machine guns in sight.

Phil JK said...

My feelings EXACTLY Rose - and I saw it when I was well....

Rabbit Town Animator said...

Love the expressions Rosey. Tintin the movie really looks like a train wreck.