Monday, 2 May 2011

Long time no life drawing!

I haven't been making it to the last few Monday evenings of life drawing at UWA, and I have been out of the routine of posting my drawings up for even longer than that. So I'm posting two models from past sessions today, as well as going to the evening session later today, where I'll be drawing an "Andrew" apparently a male dancer that the drawing sessions hasn't had in before. I already missed a great one a couple of Mondays ago where Sneaker Pimps (LOVE the Sneaker pimps when they made their one and only very uber cool album "Becoming X") were on the playlist and a circus lady/model "Ruth" was posing as a one off.

This was David. I was also gonna put up Clint, a model who had a lot of tatts, that I found added another challenge I liked, that complimented my detailed drawing style well.

I'll post that one up later as I got to run.


The Ginger Fox said...

ah yes i believe i have heard about this Clint fella :P

BlackCrow said...

nice wine glass, lol, I miss life drawing...did a bit last year..felt very rusty. Well done on the second pose it's a tough angle, all the fore-shortening!