Thursday, 5 May 2011

Chasing down the sunset

Today as I was leaving Garden City after grocery shopping, I looked off into the distance and mused at the 530pm sky's highlighted orange, pale yellow fading to blue. And I caught a glimpse of the sun and it was this amazing fluorescent red! FLURO RED! The clouds were in a strange low thick band that was making the sunset more extraordinary than normal. It was so cool, and such a one off that I ran to my car, jumped in, and tried to chase down the sunset to get a photo of it.

And of course I got every red light there was. And each traffic light took sooo looong to change. And at every stop, I watched the sky get flatter and dimmer, until all that was left by the time I actually got to Cottesloe was this:

Disappointing...but okaaay none-the-less.

I guess I should be grateful that I live on the West coast of Australia, I've heard many interstate friends complain about the beaches there and absence of sunsets, it's just not quite right. And I should also be grateful that I live within driving distance to the ocean, as in many countries the ocean can be days away.

By the way, if anyone got a photo of the sunset today, do share!

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