Sunday, 3 April 2011

Easter time begins at Roseyland

Easter is just round the corner.

Sadly, my little rabbit Alice doesn't seem to be making it.

So besides spending lots of time watching her, to stop myself feeling too sad I've been having barely any sleep and going crazy with making new 'rosey' rabbits as merchandise.

First one for Easter 2011 "If you were an Easter Bunny..." can now be bought as cool underspoken Easter cards in a Easter girl card and Easter bunny boy version. Then there is a special retro coloured version for Kids T shirts in white, butter yellow, baby blue and pastel pink. I plan to have these selling from Etsy and Ebay too by the end of next week because if I don't, someone else probably will.

Yay for Easter. So delicious. I lurve pastel colours.

Alice'll be around 6 or 7 years this Easter. An adult age, but not terribly old for a rabbit.

I guess she was weak to start off, being a neglected rabbit discarded by whoever got her from a pet shop (and we all know that pet shop bought/sold animals is bad right?).

I think she might be on her last legs. The last hope, that Toltrazuril medication I've had her on for the last week, doesn't seem to be helping...

How does one tell when it's time to bring the little friend to the vet and say, please put her down. How do you make that decision to draw the line and stop the medication to prolong life, if the animal seems kind of ok on the medication, but then at the same time, definately not right. I  mean, she seems content just sitting there, her eyes are bright, breathing is normal, it would seem cruel to make a decision to snuff out her life. But then again she can't walk or preen proper anymore without a lot of effort and stumbling, she's barely eating and she keeps slumping to the side when she sits up...


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