Thursday, 7 April 2011

Cat and Rabbit in Oil complete

Our oil painting lessons have come to an end, and here's the second painting completed after another three weeks.

Mr Merks and I both tried to draw a Yoshitomo Nara inpired cat and rabbit (Yoshitomo Nara is my one of my favouritest artists) and I thought since we both draw cat and rabbit with a different lean to each other, it'd be cool if we drew each others to paint, so they would turn out looking more connected. So I sketched cat for Mr Merks to paint, and he sketched rabbit for me to paint.

I have given rabbit the top I was wearing again at the time. And oh my gosh, Mr Merks' painting reminds me of Christmas! Sugar frosted, mistletoe, cherry topped, snuggly knitted jumper Christmas in a Winter somewhere in the Northern Hemisphere. Ahhhh happy place.

At the beginning of these oil painting classes, I felt that I wouldn't warm to oil painting because I knew it was messy and didn't like the idea that I couldn't water down or wash away with water easily, like I do with water colours. However as the weeks went on, I found that I never get a single bit of paint on me, or my bags, or anything. I can wear my best clothes and not worry. I fancy to say that I'm a really neat painter. And the best thing is, soap and water is enough to wash one's hands spotless afterwards (I thought turps was the only thing). I never knew.

Now that those important facts about oil painting has been cleared up, some other things I've found as the weeks went on, is that I now love the smell of oil and turps. I love the way I can pat the paint on like molding clay. I thought it would be slow, having to wait for the paint to dry before applying more, but in fact I found I can work pretty fast since you can just keep changing and moving the colours around to suit. And then because it's so thick, and dry, one can get so much control! Which suits me fine.


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