Monday, 14 February 2011

" Tell my wife 'hello' " - Neutral beings in Futurama

This is one of the first year's that I've gone genuinely mellow on Valentine's day. I didn't even realise it until today. The other years I've been either trying to plan something, or trying to convince myself I don't want to do anything for Valentine's. I've either been madly trying to make a valentine's gift, or trying to be nonchalant on whether or not I get anything for Valentine's day. So it's with a feeling of great peace, that I have kept an eye on the date of Feb 14th, and felt totally neutral about Valentine's day. Maybe it's because I'm busy building my pet portraits website, maybe it's because Little B has been so amusing and needs so much maintenance. Maybe it's because of the epitomy I had last year on the notion of 'the one'.

Either way, gifts are so much more lovely when there are no expectations.

And it's even sweeter that my valentine is an artist.
I love his famous monsters so he drew them specially for me. I feel like the luckiest girl :)

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