Sunday, 13 February 2011

OLIVE the home page for my portraitures

I've been spending the last 10 days in a row waking up at 6am - when Little B wakes up, and loudly and continually calls to be let out of it's cage. Actually, ever since I got Little B on New Years day, it's been early mornings as the sun rises. It'd be ok if I got to sleep before 11pm, or had afternoon naps, but I've been doing neither lately. So I am getting tireder and tireder like I'm in some sort of Dr Seuss world. The other evening my brain was so out of it I put Detol on my feet instead of the usual coacoa-butter, not realising what I did until I smelt the detol and thought, what the?!

I am powering on hard, with the help of hazelnut flavoured coffee to get this done:

It's a mockup of the home page, and "look" for my website. It's taken ages to put together, alot of planning, thinking, hand-painting, scanning, writing, thinking and more planning to FINALLY get it showing off the portraiture style. Contemporary and old school at the same time.

Now to send it off to Sweden! to the programmer I'm consulting with. An expat who I knew from Uni days who is a whiz at what he does and pedantic (like me), I couldn't think of anyone better to work magic on a website, and I think it's neat that he now lives in Sweden with his wife and their two gorgeous kids.

Now to design the other four pages...


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