Tuesday, 4 January 2011

A bird in my hand

Day two with the baby bird, and it is a total turnaround of what it was yesterday! I woke up to find it chirping, and when I gave it a glob of mashed hardboiled egg yoke/bannanna/sugar water on the end of some tweezers, it gobbled it up and chirped like crazy with it's beak wide open, just like those baby birds you see on sesame street or a David Attenborough's doco. It's so neat seeing it in real life!

City Farmers is the best, not only are they open on a public holiday, but they stock heaps of aviarist feed and medicine. They had all the Wombaroo range and more, and I easily found the 'Insectovore mix' and the 'Nectar mix' for honey eaters. They also had some curly whiskered, rex rabbits there. Oh my gosh, I would LOVE to take one of those home. They have that real Hare bone structure, velvetiest short fur, and those curly whiskers are so funny!

Back at home, chirpy baby bird keeps chirping every hour or so, and I make a fresh paste out of half Nectar and insectovore mix with water to feed it. After it's had enough, it starts dozing off and then sleeps until it's hungry again. It's so much stronger now, and just stumbly and wonky like a normal baby animal. It does funny things like I came back once to see it sleeping with it's head flopping totally back and it's belly sticking out.

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