Saturday, 2 May 2009

Roll out the Fairy carpet for May

I thought Saturday was the 1st of May, when in fact it was the 2nd! So rather than miss the first day of the Everyday in May challenge, I am making up for it instead by writing two in one day and back posting a poem for Friday. So the poem for May 02 is based on this drawing I did in my sketchbook at my last work....

Roll down the Fairy Carpet

I like rollerskates

and red balloons are special

cat-hoods like Maurice Sendak's

are my headwears' usual

I've worn ballerina tutus

as I danced ballet as a kid

I'd love to wear fishnet stockings

all this makes my id.

My poetry, as you can see, is quite mediocre. But I don't care, this is fun.

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