Friday, 1 May 2009

Everyday in May meet Notty, Chillie Dog, and other friends.

Ok, I am doing a challenge "Everyday in May" that I read on Loobylu's blog. It's a great idea that originated from French Toast girl who "paints everyday in May" for the last few years. A bunch of other people are participating. I dig crazy consecutive every day challenges like this, for example in Hobart I took it upon myself to take a photo of the sunrise EVERYDAY for as long as I could, and I lasted around 40 days. I didn't fully blog it but it's in the back of my mind to put them all up one day.

Everyday this May I am going to write a poem. I like rhyming poems and the extent of my poetry knowledge is my favourite Robert Frost, Calvin and Hobbes versus and Tim Burton's Melancholey Oyster Boy. So this is purely indulgent creative fun, I have no interest to improve in writing poems. So I will compensate for any lack of poetry writing skills with an illustration.

"Rio Yeti" is the name of this poem. It's actually a hilarious scene from an obscure movie Tim showed me called 'American Astronaut', and it wove it's way into a couple of my character's lives.

Rio Yeti

Notty is a rabbit,

she likes saying "NO!"

to get her out of trouble

is her Chillie Dog from Rio

Chillie Dog can't talk

but knows when Notty calls

She's loud for a rabbit

He hears her over shores

(Cos recently she travelled

overseas to a new city)

And so this story makes

my first May illustrated ditty.

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