Sunday, 26 April 2009

Mad about

November last year Tim had some birthday money to spend and picked up a box set (Season 1)of a new series he had only heard about but had not yet reached Australian TV. He read that it had the writers from Sopranos and the series had also won a lot of Emmys. He thought it was something I might like too so we could continue our habit of watching one show off a dvd box set a night while eating dinner (I had gone through ALL of Sex and the City from season 1-8 and before that, my Ullyses cartoon box set).

We had no idea what a great find it was, what an amazing series it is, and I LOOOVED it. The series was "Mad Men". I think it's just showing on SBS now, Thursdays 8.30pm, so now, everyone would know what I'm talking about, and everyone loves it too, yeah?. But back then when we saw it knowing almost nothing about it, we were blown away by the fantastic writing, I was in love with the production design, the costumes, the sets!

Not may people might know this about me, but I've been a huge fan of anything 50's and 60's ever since I can remember. The style, the dresses, the way furniture like TV's folded up into cabinets, the pastel coloured walls, the roller set hairstyles, the hats men wore, the cars! oh my god I looove the cars! I have this 356pg photo book of retro cars on Route 66 which I might post about some other time because it is packed full of beautiful shots.

So this series, that we had no idea was going to be a period/retro set, was SUCH a treat for me! It was like eating ice-cream on a cloud. And almost every scene is framed and colour co-ordinated like it was going to be a still photograph. Beautiful stuff. So apart from the eye candy for me, the writing is wonderful, the characters complex, it's a series that has made me unable to watch any other drama series because nothing really compares!

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Jo said...

Heya Rose, great to see a blog post at last ... have you guys settled there and found a place yet? We miss you heaps over here, but I'm so glad you've found an uber funky city to live in :) Jo xx