Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Easter Moving to Melbourne

I have lightly footed down in Melbourne since Saturday.
We are getting poor real quick, not having found a rental yet and eating out, everything else being closed. We start work in one day, which is good for the pockets but kind of stressful that we don't know where we'll be living yet. We are lucky enough to have got a shiny new job. But the pressure will be on, and I can't say I feel relaxed about Melbourne, since we have spent most of it driving like crazy from one real estate agent to another and one rental viewing to the next, and getting a headache by 5.30pm.

The first evening we were here, Tim looked out the window and told me the sky was orange, wasn't I going to take a photo of the sunset? And I snuffed and said, of course not! nothing can compare with the views in Tasmania, now that I've been spoilt with all the Hobart panoramas of azure skies and cloudy mountaintops, I wasn't even going to care to look out the window. But after a moment, I took a peak, and what do you know? Not bad for the first day here in Melbourne. A good omen in any case...

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Lyn said...

Hey Rose,

Enjoy Melbourne! I miss it for sure! Lots of good food places around.. Good luck in the new job too! x