Friday, 7 December 2007

Pixel Pinkie Party

We're in the last weeks now at work for Pixel Pinkie production and we had our Christmas party Friday 7th. Now, not being one for parties in general, and having nothing besides jeans and t-shirts over here, I was feeling a little anxious about the whole thing. However at the very last minute, on the Friday after work, I walked into the 11th store I had searched for a dress that week, and found this dress, literally at the back of the store on the last rack, 2 minutes before the store shut. And it was perfect in every way, it was my size, it was a thick denim (it was a cold evening), it was funny cute patterned, colourful but not too bright, and it was a 50's style to match the only heeled shoes I brought over, it was by Mooks, and it was 50% off. oh and it even had pockets!

So after that, not only did I feel comfortable, but the Christmas party was the best party I've ever been to. I have NEVER enjoyed myself so fully at any function or party before. In all the parties I've been to, they are always okay. and that's it. But this one, I actually had a GREAT time. We were told to get there by 8pm as there was a surprise organised. It was this halarious awards ceremony for all the shots we've animated, the whole deal with categories like Worst Dressed Character which had Max with the turkey on his head, and Pixel Pinkie as Farmer Palmer, and best Destructive Sequence (which my Tim won for his 'hole in the wall bowling episode' shot), and the awards were presented by two of the actors who did Zeph and Suzi, dressed In Character. The prizes were fun joke ones, rubber chickens, bags of rice and tofu, but Tim actually got the best prize of all, a Pink Floyd CD, I think it was meant to be The Wall one but was actually in fact Dark Side of the Moon. And best of all was a bunch of shots that had been animated in secret, some of the best outtakes ever that will never see the light of day as they were truly a treat for us on production crew only.

And there was a door prize and a plastic toy phone for each one of us with specially printed out tokens for cocktails and drinks on the house. The phone being an endless source of one liner Timothy jokes throughout the night that never ceased being funny.

The night ended too soon, and a large group of us that all lived up North Hobart ways, carpooled into three taxis to trundle off home. I actually felt really sick as I got into bed, I think from mixing up my drinks too much, but at least I fell asleep happy.

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Anonymous said...

wow! That is definitely a "meant to be" dress (the best kind!) Glad you had such a fab night out :) Nice to see photos - you look so healthy and FIT! *humf* :P xx -from Huni-