Monday, 26 November 2007

Dogstar Tuesday-Friday 4pm on Channel 9

The cartoon series I animated on for 'Animation Works - Media World' for 14 months more than a year ago, is airing on TV tomorrow!

(Tuesday 27th November)
4.00 pm.
The Channel 9 network.

Unfortunately the air time means I'll miss it. Plus anyone else who isn't home by 4pm everyday.
It'll be on TV from Tuesday to Friday, up til Xmas, and then after the New year too.

I got an email from my only little Australian nieece, who is eagerly awaiting the TV show, and has even got the Dogstar book and has been reading the stories. I didn't even know there was a book! In writing an email back to her, I was scrounging around some old pics I had of my Dogstar work, and was reminded of how slick and gorgeous the production design of this cartoon was. How lucky were we to have gotten to work on such a polished Australian kids cartoon!

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Ti-Lyn said...

Congratulations Rose! Tis such a shame I won't be able to watch the cartoons... :( Will wait for it to appear on Youtube I think!

Hope you're well, and an advance wish on Merry Christmas and A happy birthday!