Wednesday, 20 June 2007

What I'm animating

This is Chicken Nina. The main character of the kids cartoon I'm animating on at work. She doesn't usually wear the chicken suit, she's usually just a regular jeans and t-shirt pony-tailed school girl. So far, we're generally not allowed to show glimpses of any pics or clips from animation, before the cartoon is broadcast on TV, but I figured this is just a sketchy sketch in my notebook, and also as I said, she's in a chicken suit as a one off.
I have come to the conclusion that most things, in animal suits, are super cute.
I had heaps of fun animating her in this costume.

And in other Tasmania news, it's cold! Snow cold! Well, on the top of the mountain peaks that is. Knee deep and slippery hard ice. Here's my new pony shoes on some of it. (Tim and I did a 4 hour mountain walk last weekend with some work mates, one of whom runs a Wilderness tour company and does these guided hikes, so he took us all up Mt Wellington).


Anonymous said...

How awesome! Just about makes the cold worth it...almost! :P (from Huni)

SkeletonDance said...

Well you would love the panda suit I am wearing right now.

Regan Gallagher said...

Hi Rose 'tis Regan here. Just wanted to say hi to you and tha foo' Tim. I hope it's all going great there, it seems to be. Have an excellent time. See you.

toonerfish said...

Yay! The snow walk was great! That's a good Chicken Nina! I had heaps of fun animating her, so many bits to it that I could bounce and flap about. Hehe, see you and Tim at work again tomorrow!

lambi said...

Chicken costume!
Thats my idea!!