Thursday, 22 February 2007

West Australian - Thursday 29 March 2007

ok, I have only had 5 hours sleep for the 7th night in a row, working on my comic until the wee hours of the morning....and I still haven't finished. as usual, it's a mad, mad, insane, stressed rush to the finish line. before the printers shut today, very last chance to get the comic printed and not let Tim down as he has finished completely his comic.
So this is brief but i have to mention it.

I was put in the West Australian newspaper yesterday, quite a big article with that now four year old FTI photo of me. It was mostly about the 24 hour comics international publication that Grug and I selected for, and the Arts in Perth. It was all very surprising and exciting.

All of the 24 hour comics was very much to do with the fabulous Artrage and the dedicated direction of Luke Milton. Neither of these got a mention, but without either of these, the whole Perth official event and me getting into the international publication in the first place would not have happened.


Jo-Ann said...

Wooo woo. I saw that the other day :D How long your hair has grown since I last saw you a few weeks ago! It's all cool .. my folks called me up to tell me too.. You're famous now! Wooo woo.. That was my bit of excitement in what has otherwise been an average week. Go Rose!!!

lambi said...

Wow, I saw that article on Grugs page, but he didnt show the big photo. For some reason its refusing to load full size! stoopid crappy connection...
Ill keep trying!