Monday, 26 March 2007

"Egg Day" in Jellybaby land

4.mar.07 This is the first page of my new story

Last week Timothy and I were busy doing a freelance job. This recruitment ad for Mig33 to go on the web. Tim's put up some pics and wrote about it here. Tim's also doing a comic for the psuedo 24 hrs comic, this time full page spreads of Mr Gough. Which I really look forward to seeing because of this picture, and this short. We are going to release our comics in the same comic book this time.

After more than a week of painfully writing out this new story, and sorting out layout/composition for every page, it is now fun. I say painful because of other pressing projects, work, looking for work, and little time to do as much as I want to make this new story perfect. Thank god it is now fun and I think the lengths it took to get here is worth it. take a look at the first finished pages above. I love eggs.

More than half the pages inked now.
The bulk of the egg machine was designed by the talented Timothy Merks And then I went and customized it for the jelly babies. (if you haven't yet seen, take a look at a couple of pages from the Mr Gough comic he's doing neck to neck with me. very cute and cool).



Regan Gallagher said...

amazing work. love the detail, the cute characters.

nice one.

Timothy Merks said...

OMG you made that machine fly awesome!

I also love those windows and the shading really makes it look amazing. Fly beautiful work

Serena said...

oh wow... I heard about your write up in the papers. Congrats! Your drawing style has really been refined, and the detail in your work is so great. Good stuff! xoxo

lambi said...

Wow! Mines gonna look crap next to yours, I stuck with the 24 hour guidelines! That machine is awesome!

Congrats on the West Australian article!!

Robert said...

This is looking awesome, Rosie. I hope there's a way I can get a copy while I'm over here.

Rosey said...

Thank you all and thanks for keeping up and checking in on my stuff. =:)

Regan Gallagher said...

Hi Rosey. You've got some mightily impressive art on here *nods in approval* really good.

It was nice seeing you & Tim the other night.

Keep up the splendid work.

March 11, 2207