Monday, 12 March 2007

Porcelain cleanup

Week 6 (12/03)

Week 5 (9/02)

Week 4

Week 3

Week 2

Week 1

It's 6 days a week, fulltime on Porcelain now. For those of you who haven't heard of it before, Porcelain is a 20 min film Timothy and I have been working on since more than a year ago, and it was meant to be delivered to the Screenwest people too long ago. A slow start and unexpected 14 months of Dogstar employment put us in this pressured and late situation.
But the intense work is good, and check out the great clean up I'm producing. I might keeping adding random pages to here of my Porcelain cleanup as the weeks go along just to show what I've been doing.

Oh and for those not familiar with the process of traditional 2d animation, animation is the timing of the characters, which will somtimes be reduced to simple shapes and lines. Cleanup is not only redrawing line-work so it's clean, more often it's pulling the characters back to look like the actual model sheet.

So on the left is the animation, the right is my clean up. I actually love doing clean up.


Timothy Merks said...

god I suck, can I even draw haha

This isnt even Roselines best stuff.

Jo-Ann said...

Yeah it has been nuts, huh? I've seen you on your late nights working hard away... hopefully the end is in sight soon ..Good Luck, Rose..

Ti-Lyn said...

Hey Rose,

Jo told me about the site when I was in perth, and I've been keeping an eye on it since I've been back in London.. And all I can say is, I'm very impressed!! I have a feeling that you're gonna go places with your work, girl! Will be checking in on your site! ;)

Lyn xxx

Rosey said...

HI LYN! yay! and thanks!

Timothy Merks said...

woo more new stuff. I'll put a link on my blog! all our stuff is looking great

Anonymous said...

'ello. regan here.

looking great as usual

keep it up or i'll lift up my shirt and you shall be blinded by the paleness

see yer. :)

Timothy Merks said...

that new stuff is lookig great! can't wait till we start putting it into flash!

amber renee said...

i love your art!
so much!
especially the animal cuties <3

(it's moonkitten from flickr)