Friday, 15 December 2006

Rabbit War comic

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I'm not a big collector or buyer of comics, but once i came across this gem at a stock clearance sale. I've only got Vol 2 and 3, and they are one of my favourite books. "Acopolypse Meow", a graphic novel of a War Story about the Vietnam War, told with animals! We follow Perkins, Rats and Botaski, three rabbit members of Cat Shit One, a special ops group.
The rabbits are the Americans, the chimpanzees and gorrillas are Japanese-American, Vietnamese are Cats, the Russians are bears, the Chinese are pandas, and even Aussies make a guest appearance as a kangaroo and a kangaroo rat in a pub, and there's info on the SAS in the appendix too.
And it being told with animals, is not overlly cutesy at all, but totally original and superbly drawn, so that suddenly war politics, army lingo, and explosions is actually interesting and I digested the books beginning to end without pause.
And I muse that this would be exactly how I'd draw animals if I had to make a War comic.
The talented and humble writer/illustrator Motofumi Kobayashi even dedicates the book to 'all the cats and rabbits in the world'.

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