Monday, 25 December 2006

For Roland and his house

I found these big, chunky photo frames at a garage sale. They had a matte, nautical colour theme, and thought it'd be perfect to paint over and put some artwork inside, to give to my older brother as a house-warming present for his then new house which had a contemporary look and nothing on the huge white walls.
Four years later, I finally got round to doing up the frames. It was going to be in time for his 30th birthday when October came round, but then I didn't know each coat of enamel paint doesn't really take 16 hrs to dry like it says on the side of the tin, but actually 48hrs to properly dry. And also it was quite tricky to get that perfect smooth surface without paintbrush streaks. Looks fantastic super glossy in the end though. And then I took ages to decide what to draw inside each one.
So in time for Christmas, I drew all of us, as our Chinese zodiac animal state. It turned out quite amusing.
I like my mum the best. Although the Tiger is always revered as one of the greatest of the Chinese zodiacs, she's always resented being percieved as one. But in the game of life, someone needs to play attack and be aggressive, and as much as my mum hates it, she is a true tiger through and through.
....but then only a very little tiger I think, with the brightest smile. Proving how harmless she really is.

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Timothy Merks said...

Home made presents from Roseline are the best. SO much thought and detail always go into them