Sunday, 24 December 2006

Something Eve

Tomorrow is my Birthday!!!. So is Christmas.
I bought a present for myself yesterday. I had a good wander into the new Peter Alexander store and decided that if anyone asks me what i want for my birthday next time, instead of saying nothing, I'll just say, "anything from the Peter Alexander store please!". I found there hand picked books, and a small tray of toys from kidrobot. and so i bought a small book by Emma Magenta which i'd seen at Planet, and a Dunny bunny and a random donut keycahin, which was fromthe girl of
I was going to wait til xmas to open both, but I restrained until this morning, when after an hour after getting out of bed, I went back to my bedroom and opened it.

and was happy to get the Goat Herder Dunny. it's card says:

Goat herder is a sleep guide.
He battles nightmares and guides
you safely through the night.

its awesome and very cute. comes with his own fuzzy goat, and removable stripey cane, and perfect, after i had nightmares two nights ago.
....about being back at Dogstar work and not having enough footage on a Friday afternoon, and Timothy going home with out waiting for me, despite me calling out to him to wait, and then I got held there by a manniquin that came alive and clutched my hair tight. upon escaping i left the building realising i was the last to leave, and had no keys to lock it and couldn't set the alarm. then I got some verbal racial abuse from a lot of street kids who were eyeing me as i waited for the bus in the dying light.

i am putting a bid to get the tokidoki and Bubble love Dunny on ebay.


lambi said...

Happy b'day!!

Where is this store you speak of???

scribbled by Rosey said...

thanks Michael!
the Peter Alexander store, it's in Garden City, opposite the Kookai, let me warn you, it's a very PINK and girly store...but I personally think it's nice to see guys walking in and looking around (but then that's mostly looking for gifts for sisters, female friends etc). but its the only place so far I've seen that has those kidrobot toys. not a lot, a very small 30cm by 50cm box.