Saturday, 9 December 2006

New Yorker and cartoons

I was looking for stickers in Garden City today (to decorate my new handycam after I peeled off the panasonic stickers, and I seem to have reverted back to being 9 yrs old) and I spotted and bought the New Yorker magazine, Cartoons edition, with that distinct cover art (you get a random 1 of 5 parts) of Chris Ware. Mine is cover 3 titled "Family". The rest you can see here.

Its cool to compare the style of other Chris Ware comics from ago. Here's a two pgs from his Jimmy Corrigan comic novel.

Inside the New Yorker cartoon issue, none of the featured cartoons caught my attention except this one. By Matthew Diffee. Interesting angle on nature drawing. I like it! they remind me of my funny pigeons.

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lambi said...

I do like Chris Ware's aart. I first saw his art when Planet Books first opened up.