Wednesday, 29 November 2006

Happy Birthday Timothy

All Timothy wanted was a drawing of Cat with a rocket-pack, but then because we were so busy with work, a hug was all he wanted from me he said.
But while trying to do some Christmas shopping on my first free day off since work ended, I found a perfect Tim t-shirt with a neat woodgrain print on it and bought it, picturing cat in the corner with a rocket pack. Not having drawn on fabric much at all, I was worried of turning out something ill looking. But after finding some very pro textile pens, there you can see Cat with a rocket pack turned out quite okay. (although the photo was on an angle and Cat looks stretched). And of course, another paper-crane for his collection.
Happy Birthday Timothy.


Timothy Merks said...

aw thanks Roseline. I really, really love my shirt and my paper crane.

(so many cool paper cranes I have now!)

I'm going to bust out that shirt tomorrow for the comic event.

Lana said...

What an awesome, original present. I always wish I could come up with something creative to give to Edin as a present, but to no avail. I wish he'd just say "I'd love..." (and it not end in something unrealistic like an M3 BMW) like Tim did ;)