Friday, 24 November 2006

Dogstar Wrap

Its the last day at work today! Yippee! but pooh!
I'm feeling a mixture of, sad to not be coming to work anymore, and, man i can't wait to be free! I find animating 8 hours a day, not as fun as I thought it'd be, and I struggle most days to focus and stay put in my seat for the whole day. Although I have worked hard to try and keep my footage up with everyone elses, and couldn't do any less than a high standard of animation, to do the show justice. Next year on channel 9, the cartoon series, Dogstar will air.

Overall, it was a luxury and an honour to be part of the in-house, animation team here in Perth, especially since it's so rare to find any film or tv animation work here in WA. Plus, working next to some of the best animators and guys. and I also feel lucky to have been the person with the longest contract, having come to work here everyday for 14 months. And I'll miss seeing Aramus the cat, who comes down from his wall to greet me many mornings where I park my car.

Ok, I better get back to work. I actually have a huge shot I still have to start- er, - finish before the wrap lunch midday. otherwise I might be here again next week.

oh, and the very cool and slick design of Dogstar from all its characters to the little (But damn big file sizes) twinkly stars in the bg, is done by these Square i guys over in Melbourne. They also do a thirdof the animation. And Big Kidz, also in Melbourne, are responsible for the other third of the animation. I love their work, everything they animate is pure gold.


Timothy Merks said...

Yeah you've worked at least a month earlier than me and was thrown into the deep end of animation before i was. You performed brilliantly and I'm not just saying that.

A true proffesional! great work, I hope we can work together sometime. Oh wait we are... hehe

lambi said...

Hi Rosie,
Its Michael, I just started a blog, so I thought I'd drop in and say 'hi'.

We're all unemployed now! EKKK!

Jo-Ann said...

The Dogstar poster is awesomely cute! Reminds me of one of mine, and even though you can only see the eyes through the wrapping, you've drawn such a personality! Can't wait to see it on TV

Rosey said...

Haha thanks Jo, but I can only take credit for the animating of Hobart, and then only in certain episodes. The design was done by a Scott Van and others of an animation company "Square Eye" in Melbourne. And I think they, or someone else over there sent/made this invite.

Timothy Merks said...

I think henry actually put together the flyer.