Saturday, 9 July 2011

Rest time

A few weeks ago I started doing some 'full time' work animating for a local cartoon/media company on a pilot episode of a potential series that is going to air on SBS. Personally it was hard going for me the first two weeks. I have a real problem with sitting at the computer trying to animate for longer than an hour at a time, two hours at the most. So I was only managing to pull four hours of work every day.

I am relieved to say that I pushed past that mental battle by the third week.... but it meant that I have had to work through weekends and also at odd hours - 'til 1am sometimes - to finish that first batch of work.

So this week it was lucky there happened to be a break in the production schedule. Technically there was still some fixups to be done, but Tim and I REALLY needed a week off from the work before getting the second batch next week.

I tried to recharge and recouperate - I managed to do an impromptu sketch trip to the zoo with Tim Thursday, great life drawing session Monday night, Dinner with Tim's siblings Tuesday night, unfortunately haven't really made a dent with clearing floorspace and organising things after moving out of my bedroom, but had THE BEST breakfast ever (the vegetarian lot) at Little John St Cafe in Cottesloe with one of my closest friends today,  watch Kung Fu panda 2 in 3D and actaully liked it and felt inspired to work afterwards, I've been catching up on sleep getting to bed by 11pm and waking up at 9.30am, but somehow I am coming down with sinus headaches, runny nose, and an itchy (but not yet sore) throat these last few days. So lots of hot chicken broth with parsely, ginger, chillie, and garlic, and more sleep. And ugg boots and puffy bomber jackets hoping the symptoms won't progress any further.


Rabbit Town Animator said...

Get well soon Rosey. Always nice to see you post stuff up and I love the sketch! :D Let's all rock GS next week...go team!

Ching Yee said...

Hey Rosey,

Sorry to hear you're not well - hope you beat those sniffles. Reading about your initial battle working fulltime makes me wonder if I would be the same when I go back to 'fulltime' work. Take care, and hope you're feeling much better.

Rosey said...

Thanks guys. Turns out I got a full blown cold now blegh....but yeah if you could churn footage while sick Marta, I'll do the same. CY, I think it's just 'me + cartoons' dont agree these days... I've totally lost the love for flash animation a long time ago which makes it hard to focus. I know if it was just drawing or even physical work, I'd be fine with 8+ hour work days :P