Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Monday's life drawing - Marnie

post note: Woops, mistake with the model's name! I thought her name was Jasmine as they both have dark short hair and I missed the session when Jasmine was in, and I couldn't compare the face from people's drawings of Jasmine that night, since no one else really draws the details of the face at life 'figure' drawing.

There was a great turn out for Monday evening's figure drawing at UWA. Familiar faces and a couple of new ones. The model was Marnie, who i have never met before and I (thought) I missed out drawing last time, so I was glad to get this session in. She was a dancer and in the breaks I chatted to her a bit and learnt how she was paying particular attention to small details like standing on her toes or having curved feet in her poses, to see if it would give better weight in the drawings. I love dancers as life models.

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