Thursday, 21 April 2011

Goodbye soft Alice

Last week, Alice died. I'm so sad :'(

Yes I know, rabbits live for an average 6 years, (but I have heard of many domestic rabbits living on average 8-12 years.)

And yes, Alice was sick for awhile so it's not a surprise.

And in the last week she had deteriorated to a stage that i knew she was no longer comfortable and couldn't function as a normal rabbit would prefer to. She couldn't groom (rabbits are obessive compulsive groomers like cats), she couldn't use her litter tray, and she began to get gut stasis, which is the real grim reaper for rabbits. She was clearly uncomfortable from a bloated and probably painful gut. It was crueller trying to force her to take mediation anymore so I stopped it that last week.

So yes, I knew this was coming, that I had the horrible, final responsibility of bringing her to be euthanised at the vet.

Still, despite all this, I cried so much. Nothing was sadder than having to watch her twist and turn her head in a last struggle, her eyes desperate looking, as the vet held the anaesthetic mask over her nose. Nothing was more painful for me than patting her head and ears to calm her, to keep the gas mask on her snout, telling her it was "ok". "It's ok Alice", when she was in fact she was being put to sleep forever. I would have felt better if her eyes did sleep, instead of staying wide open.

RIP dear Alice. 14 April 2011.



tilcheff said...

I'm so sorry, Rosey!

My dogs and cats have died in my hands, looking in my eyes with despair and I have been trying to comfort them, saying that it was OK, patting the heads and touching the velvet still warm ears... Experiences which we can never forget.

Some animals live faster than us.
My mother keeps saying: But they had a wonderful life and have been loved every day.
And it's true.

Death is a part of life and we have to learn to accept and be wise about it.

BlackCrow said...

Sorry I've only read your post sad to hear about Alice...poor little bunny, but had a long happy life with you something a lot of bunnies don't get. I miss mine every day too...
Very sad :(