Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Things to do

Because I don't like seeing old news on the top of my blog, and because I have nothing else quick and short to put up right now, I have posted my To Do list for today.

This is not a particularly significant or interesting list.

I like "To Do" lists.

I write them as an instant way of putting calm and order to my otherwise chaotic, intense disposition. I always seem to have a million things to do.

The list doesn't neccessarily help me get things done, I don't even remember it by the end of the end of the day. I should probably start being more vigilant with it and actually use them to check back throughout the day, to keep myself on track.

Does anyone else uses To Do lists too? I'd be so curious to see what everyone else's lists looked like.
I think it was in The Great Gatsby, where Jay Gatsby's To Do list was found in his pocket after he died, and on his list was "Be kinder to my Mother and Father", and I thought that was really sweet (and that I should write that on my list now and then too). Imagine seeing everyone on your facebook friends list as their To Do list, it'd be fascinating and entertaining. Maybe I can make a section on my blog where people can upload their To Do list to a collective gallery?

I'll add that to my To Do list.

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