Saturday, 26 March 2011

Childhood Villain for the week

Getting a villain into the week of heroes and villains from childhood, I thought long and hard, and kept coming back to this one. Whenever Skunk made an appearance in astroboy episodes, I can't say I actually liked the creepy character. One dislikes him, yet is interested in him.

The dark hound dog bags under the eyes, the ginger page-boy hair, the blue-grey skin, it's creepy....but then cool at the same time. Fedora hat and trench coat, definately cool.

And  then there's something about the greedy, cowardly traits I love. You know, scheming about how to steal the riches, and then the first one to bail ship or sell out to save his own skin. I lurve greedy, selfish, cowardly characters. Donald Duck, Daffy Duck, Gaius Baltar...

They make me laugh. And I think on a subconscious level, I see myself in them :O!


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