Thursday, 14 October 2010

We are Tim and Rose and We are six

So I've been with this guy for six years... and he's proved to have been my mostly companion, indulged my hairbrained schemes, been quickest to defend me, fought me and held onto me tight when I'm being a pooh (and not the rumbly tumbly kind), has never got tired of me, even when we lived AND WORKED in the same company three times, gives the wisest advice when I have trouble with the difficult people entwined in my life, never vindictive when I have been mean to him, makes me laugh, doesn't let me get away with my ridiculous tempers, and sees cartoon characters and sequences in life like I do.

Although I have some fantastic friends, here's the thing and what I absolutely love: when we have to be around each other 24/7, no one has been a better friend to me than Timothy.
For being six, we went to a very trendy and neat place called the Greenhouse, middle of St. Georges Tce in the city. They grow their own herbs used in the dishes, and the walls are covered with green plants in terracotta pots with a self watering system! My favourite photos above, are the ones where we're pulling faces. Six years of craziness and understanding.  It's the best.

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