Monday, 13 September 2010

Owl brained weekend

Hope everyone had a great old weekend. I had finally recovered from my bad flu, and I apologize for my last post being so short (in manner). The fluffy stuff on top of the dessert is fairy floss. It looks a bit like My Little Pony hair doesn't it? Hmm, that gives me an awesome idea for an art piece. watch this space! I will also have some guinea pig paintings to post soon.

I didn't get a moment to finish any painting or draw anything cartoony this weekend, so I'll just show you what my weekend consisted of instead:

Friday Wrap party for the end of production of Dogstar season two at the Velvet Lounge, before the party Tim and I went to the Globe Cafe where I sketched this guy sitting near us who looked so cool because he seemed to have a real life "Groucho Marx" glasses, nose and moustache. And then while waiting for the train I had to draw this young guy who was just plain cool looking.


At home, Tim being a bird brain, quite literally.Haw! har! hah!

I went to an artist fair at Uni of WA on Sunday with my older brother and his wife, and if I was at liberty to spend lots of cash, I'd have bought so much 'til  my arms couldn't carry things, there was so much great stuff! All hand-made things by local WA artists. Of my favourites was a felt stitched sausage dog, mustard-fluro-coloured-cactus-shaped-chrochet rattles, fine hand cut and finished acrylic ghost pendant on a fine silver chain, set of three 'boo' monster button pins, 4 home baked, yellow icing cupcakes for 10 bucks, and choclate cookie dough biscuits with thick rainbow sprinkles on the top. I felt like a kid at the royal show. But like I said, I'm not at liberty to spend right now. So instead I just bought this little owl badge by 'mokoh' for Tim to congratulate him on his bird-brained ideas.  

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