Thursday, 5 November 2009

It's Rush Loveable! (and friends I guess)

Recently Tim and I got together with a couple of mates from work (well, Dean and Tim go way back in making films to Perth nine years ago) to work on an idea for a TV series as a creative outlet. It's become quite semi-developed in the last weeks.

The series was an idea that Tim came up with when we were still in Hobart in 2007. Starting with a character he drew called Dash Dashing, a superhero kid with a checkered scarf and super speed.

And then we came up with a girl pal or Dash's equal, and called her Rush Loveable. This is one of the first pics I did of her.

Now, it is Dash Dashing and his three friends Black Mantis, Rush Loveable, and Tank Macho. All great characters and some fantastic stories to be written (we already have an ideas page full). But if it were left to me, it'd be all about Rush Loveable! I could seriously fill a book with pictures of her. See her super power is costume change by way of reciting consecutively 5 facts about a certain persona she wants to embody (and use the skills of). The posibilities are endless, hilarious and SO FUN!. I like making up the less thought of ones..

Rush gets a crush on a baseball player and learns everything about him and the sport, resulting in her calling up a baseball pitcher when she needs to attack and throw deathly fast balls.

The Songstress, where Rush becomes an opera singer and shatters glasses and does other sonic damage with her songs.

Probably my weakest character idea, a devil costume. This is one of the obvious persona choices. Conjures fire, pyromaniac etc. Rather boring (for me anyway).

I hate these two. Not because of costumes, 80's aerobics And Roller Derby Rush Loveable, but because I had to make the faces look more 'pushed'. Now she just looks like the joker. it doesn't suit her character. I hate it so much I've now blotted out the faces in my sketchbook.


tilcheff said...

Very appealing designs. Love them all!

Rosey said...

Thanks Nickolay! It's a nice surprise and good to know you're still around :), thanks for dropping by. Your photography continues to amaze and entertain me. Those Brush turkeys are so interesting! How do you find these amazing birds and their incubator? Amazing! those close-ups are unreal too!

BlackCrow said...

Hey Rosey!!!!!
I'm sorry it's been a while since I posted on your blog..but busy, busy busy times with my dolls and art stuff. These characters are great, makes me want to pick up a pencil again!
Good to know that you and Tim are still enthusiastic about animation!
Loved seeing the story board for 'Spooky Doll Kids'
Ahh and those Brush Turkeys are pretty cool...I think Nickolay is keeping an eye on them for Christmas!

Jo-Ann said...

Nice work!! Missed having your posts, so good to see you are posting again!