Monday, 18 May 2009

The Yam and the Cream Slice

I am a Yam
that's what I am.
That's not a custard thing.
I can't rhyme for nuts,
or write poetry either.
My wind up flipclock just went "Ping!".

Wow, it's SOOOO hard keeping this "Every Day in May" challenge. I think it's more the 'writing a poem everyday' challenge I set for myself. Definately hard to write a poem with picture everyday.

This evening Tim and I ate the "French Slice" pastry my mum bought on Saturday from this gorgeous bakery round the corner from our place. He kept calling it a custard slice and I was reminding him it was cream not custard. mmm pastry and cream is mi- Notty's favourite.

I also have this beautiful, original, retro, windup flip clock I won off ebay while I was in Tasmania. I've been wanting to get hold of a nice original Flipclock for ages, even better that this one was a windup, no batteries needed ever! but it hadn't been able to keep proper time since a few days ago. It used to pause randomly and also stop everytime it got to the alarm. Now it goes "ping" when it reaches the alarm, and still keeps going, and keeps time pretty good!

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