Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Summer never made it

Here in Hobart, it feels like Summer never quite made it down here. As much as I looove hotter Summers, I guess I AM grateful for the cool, mild weather after hearing of family and friends discomfort and pain with 40' days still.
But...the icey cold is setting in again. This weekend it's been 18' and really chilly indoors so that I'm getting random cough spasms again, despite wearing three layers.


Jo said...

It's hot here today. 36C but it's okay - bearable. Hope you're going okay, and looking forward to you coming back home..

Jo said...

The cooler weather is now upon us. We are getting our first taste of autumn in Perth. Even some of the leaves have started falling .. In our daily grind, we never stop to appreciate the things we have. Every Wednesday at Uni, there is a no-tute-no-lecture zone between 12 - 2pm. Just the gentle smell of gumtrees swaying in the warm air and the sausage sizzles takes me back 10 years (at least) ;)

Having said that, I have class to go to now .. catcha soon!