Saturday, 10 May 2008

Dogstar fanmail

Today I got a nice little surpise. One of my closest friends is a relief teacher for Kindy to Year 3's and she sent me this in the mail, along with a note, telling me that in class she was talking about pets, and then the kids started talking about dogs and that cartoon they watch on Saturday mornings called Dogstar. My friend then told them one of her personal friends was an animator on it, and they got all excited. So one little boy drew this picture, specially for her to pass on to me:

Isn't that so cute?! I love it, spelling mistakes and all. It's so sweet. It's the closest thing I have, to recieving fan mail. One of the wishes I have always day-dreamed about was, if I were to ever become a picture book writer, I hope I recieve heaps of snail mail and letters from children all over the place. I have mused that if I were to be paid in these letters alone instead of money, that would be fine by me! I'd be pretty happy, and I still stand by that.

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Serena said...

cute! it makes it all worthwhile :)