Wednesday, 12 March 2008

Ah nice smelling rabbit

Since coming back from Hobart, one of the things that had changed was the way Alice now got free run of the house. My brother decided that it was too hard to get Alice back into her hutch after her run-about time, so her hutch was left permanantly open and the dining room table was now her home.
She had a too-big wonky cardboard box that was her litter tray, but now the whole hutch (which is 1.5 by 1 meter big=pretty big), seemed to be her litter tray.
So most of the time Alice could be found lazing, sleeping or grooming under the table, safely behind the maze of heavy rosewood chair legs, amongst a mess of molted fur, or lying on the tiles around the table, only to scoot under the table to avoid being patted, everytime I approached.
And she started tipping over the water bowl for no good reason, so my mum gave her a HUGE casserole dish as a water bowl, so big it couldn't be tipped, but so big it's a bugger to carry in and out to change.
And over the last few days, I've had a hell of a time cleaning up her soft droppings which have now extended from her litter-tray home to all over the tiled area surrounding the table. Alice had gotten feral. And yesterday, she began to stink. REALY STINK. and I noticed A HEAP OF POOP on her rear as she lay stretched out lazing around.

So I thoroughly cleaned out her outside pen,
bought a whole heap of new hay,
fixed her house with a new corner plastic litter tray,
bought a cat hair brush,
a new small heavy untippable water bowl,
And I picked a kicking and grunting Alice just now and gave her a good bath. I never knew rabbits could get DREADLOCKS. Mixed with soft droppings, it was disgusting! I ended up trimming all the fur off around her tail and rear, that had matted up with 7 months worth of poop. And gave her a good wash with cat shampoo.
Now, she is all nice smelling, and I brushed her good with the cat hair brush, so she is molt free and pristine clean and locked in her clean hutch/house, with new untippable small water bowl, and neat plastic litter tray, and she is even enjoying being patted again. AAHHH so much better.


Timothy Merks said...

haha. great funny post!

tilcheff said...

I've seen rabbits gone feral :) It's very funny... in a way. Does she grunt? A full on story :D

jo-ann said...

but oh so disgusting as i picture it as well...

Anonymous said...

Gee your brother is a softie! (or just lazy) Good thing you restored order and cleanliness :) Very funny when you wrote the bit about Alice going feral in BOLD :) -from Honey

maddy said...

Hmmmm... the article is very nice to look forward. The pictures are very funny. Hope the same in future. Thank you.



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