Tuesday, 1 January 2008

New Years afternoon

Tim and I decided to do some drawing in the afternoon, and I decided to do something totally without reason or motive. Where I wasn't drawing a comic to tell a story to someone, or a drawing to illustrate a moment to everyone, or a picture that blog readers would find cute or cool, or something related to design or animation for sharpening work skills.

I did a water-colour painting of a woodpecker. That's right, a woodpecker.

Specifically the 'Chesnut Colored Woodpecker', found in the jungles of the Salva Maya. I copied it straight from this great book "Jungle of the Maya" I have to return to the library. Drawing this takes me back to what I used to do when I was a kid. My favourite past-time was to copy a photo of a bird, or cat, or pause the TV on a Disney character, copying it in drawing to precision. Who knows what the point is. Other than it unexplainably zens me out, to copy every single detail until it's complete. Not bad for less than an hour.


Timothy Merks said...

It was fun to see you with your paints out. I'll have to join you doing some painting next time

tilcheff said...

Hey Rosey,
I discovered your and Tim's blogs recently and I will start digging back in time soon.
Very nice drawing of a nice looking bird!

Rosey said...

Thanks for dropping by Nickolay! I used to love looking and reading wild-life photography books when I was younger and liked copying it. Now I've got your wonderful wild-life blog to look at which I really enjoy.