Wednesday, 9 January 2008

My new headphones

I love ebay. I can buy things that were sold out seven months ago, and find things brand new at less than half the store price.

Plus, nothing beats recieving parcels in the mail, especially when it's a box wrapped in old paper with an array of postage stamps. It's like Christmas time. But better, because I don't have to think about doing things for everyone else on my birthday.

Bud earphones don't sit in my ear properly. After five seconds of putting it in, the right side falls out and I end up having to listen with my left ear only. After hunting round for ages for a good pair of headphones that would sound awesome, I couldn't help but also try and find headphones that would look awesome. I can't help it, the girl in me LOVES to accessorize and everything must be practical AND eye cool.

DJ headphones were the way to go, Audiotechnica have a great rep, and I would have really loved these cherry wood ones by Audiotechnica, sovereign series, but they cost around $600-$1000!!!! Then I was going to get these camouflage ones, as a homage to my ArmyReserve days (stories there for another time). But I couldn't find an Australian dealer that sold them for less than $150. Despite making up a DJ nickname for myself of scratch-rabbit, I'm not a DJ and can't justify spending more than 70 bucks for ipod listening and occassional short film sound work.

Then I saw this baby by Panasonic. One of five in a retro series, up there in the professional sound specs. I snapped it up straight away for $60 and it arrived a lot quicker than I expected, running down this morning to get the door when the post dropped it off. They are so gorgeous and sound REALLY good, crisp, heaps of bass, and muffle outside sound out so well.

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Timothy Merks said...

I dubbed thee scratch-rabbit!

You are looking dam cool and trendy with those headphones, although you can't hear how loud you are whistling.